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Which license is used ?

Nosica is published under the GPL.

In which language is Nosica developped ?

Nosica is developped in Java. It is compiled using gcj. Java was relatively close to the first draft of Nosica so we thought we could use the Nosica compiler to compile itself with some adjustment to the source. This is not very true now.

Is Nosica usable yet ?

Nosica is not very usable yet. The compiler is somewhat usable, but there are a few things which are not coded yet, like :

You should note also that the standard library (NSL) is in very early stage. We recently thought of new features and new syntax, so it is likely we change the compiler radically in a near future...

Where is the documentation ?

The old documentation can be found here. Please note it is outdated and inaccurate. But it will give you some ideas about the language ... You can also find a lot of examples in Nosica source distribution in directory compiler/tests. See Download section. Developper's documentation can be found here, user documentation can be found here. We have just started a new project called nosicaspec. Work is going on ...

Can I help ?

Of course, see Help us ! section.

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