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When passing options to the compiler you can do it in two means :

For example, let's say we have the following directory structure :

 /home/joebarr/project         : root path of your nosica project
 /home/joebarr/project/sources : root path of the nosica sources
 /home/joebarr/project/output  : where you want to place the resulting executable and the intermediate files

And your main Nosica class is net.myorganisation.Main

You can either launch :

 $>nosicacc -sourcepaths=/usr/local/nosica/stdlib,/home/joebarr/project/sources 

It works but it's long to type.

You can put all properties in a property file like in :


and then launch with :

 $>nosicacc -p net.myorganisation.Main

Take a look to the default file shipped the distribution. It contains

This file is called the system property file. By default, if the compiler is launched without any options, the values of this file are taken. It is possible to specify a different system property file with the -s switch. Properties defined in the user property file (-p) will "overwrite" the system properties.

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