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Here is the release page for Nosica version 0.3

Nosicalight-0.3 (May, 06th 2004)

Download :

Known problems :

CVS tag : v0_3

Nosicalight-0.3pre4 (Mar, 05th 2004)

Download :

I've got a problem on my system : I cannot generate rpm and deb.

CVS tag : v0_3pre4

Nosicalight-0.3pre3 (Jan, 29th 2004)

Download :

Known problems :

CVS tag : v0_3pre3

Nosicalight-0.3pre2 (Sep, 09th 2003)

All known bug fixed

Download :

CVS tag : v0_3pre2

Nosicalight-0.3pre1 (Aug, 11th 2003)

New features :

Known bugs :

Download :

CVS tag : v0_3pre1

Please report any bugs to david dot jobet at free dot fr

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