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This is what you get when typing

 $>nosicacc -h
 The Nosica compiler -  Copyright (c) 2001-2003 David Jobet, Eric Nicolas
 Nosica is distributed under the GNU General Public License
 version 0.3pre1
 Usage: nosicacc [options] (fileName)
 Options :
   -h               : help
   -s file          : uses this system property file instead of   /usr/nosica/
   -p file          : loads this property file
   -property value  : sets a property for the compilation session
   --property       : sets a boolean property to true
 Available properties :
 debug.type      - debug types, default is false
 code.language   - language output (only <c> for now)
 code.output     - base path for generated code
 cc_output_flag  - c compiler flag to set output
 cc_lib_path_flag - c compiler flag to add lib path
 debug.record    - debug records, default is false        - debug ir methods, default is false
 make            - make program
 error.messages  - location of the error messages file
 sourcepaths     - list of all possible source tree paths
 make_change_dir_flag - make flag to change   - debug ir methods of this type only
 debug.recordptn - debug ptn of records, default is false
 debug.symbol.type - debug symbols of this type only
 cc_include_flag - c compiler flag to add include path
 debug.type.type - debug this type only
 nosica_nativestdlib_include_path - nosica standard library include path
 debug.record.type - debug record of this type only
 cc              - c compiler to use in back end
 cc_lib_use_flag - c compiler flag to use lib
 debug.ptn.type  - debug possibleTypeName of this type
 debug.symbol    - debug symbols, default is false
 error.max       - maximum number of reported errors during compilation
 cc_compil_flag  - c compiler flag to compil only (do not link)
 debug.exception.type - debug runtime exception analysis of this type
 cc_extra_flag   - c compiler extra flags
 nosica_nativestdlib_lib_path - nosica standard library lib path
 source          - name of the class to compile
 debug.ptn       - debug possibleTypeName, default is false
 debug.recordptn.type - debug ptn of this record only
 debug.exception - debug runtime exception analysis, default is false

Important properties are :

C compiler properties are :

Other properties are :

Debug options (to debug the compiler) :

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