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We have recently began the writing of a spec in Docbook. All future development will have to be specified (at least the language part) in docbook before even implementing something.

If you want to have a tool that enable you to transform easily your valid docbook file, you can use Docman. I personally use a custom Makefile that you can found in the download section.

To finish, I'll give you this advice : always make sure your document is valid before even attempting to transform it. I had trouble with Docman and thought it was broken many time before realizing my document was not valid. The Makefile I have written has a 'check' entry (make check) to ensure your document is valid. However I've already run in cases where xsltproc will report no error with an invalid XML file. Currently the only tool that gives me satisfaction for validation is Morphon : use it without moderation ! :-)

Propulsed by Wiclear