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Compiler books

Here's a list of books on the complex subject : compiling. The books have been read by us.

On Amazon Quite recent. Nosica was based on it for writing IR and for the separation between Type and GenericType. Constant propagation algorithm, BasicBlock, SSA form are well explained.

On Amazon Dragon book. The reference. A little old, but explain everything. A lot of theory at the beginning on lexer and parser automatons.

On Amazon Quite classical. Explain all paradigms but never goes in deep explanation for any of them. Not very clear.

On Amazon Very complete ( Thick ! ). (Nearly) All subjects are covered : Object language implementation, imperative, functionnal, logical, parallel and memory management ( garbage collector for example ). Very clear, good examples. This is an examination book; Conclusion : very good.

On Amazon Quite atypic. Paradigms are first covered. This layout introduces very well the remaining of the book without forgetting information covered in the Dragon book. More easier to read than the Dragon book, it is very good.

Other books

On Amazon

A first part very nice on text search automaton and their generation.

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